Live Event Management Staging & Production

Well-versed in the craft of live-event staging and production.  Stonecutter Event Promotions, Inc. knows how to acquire venues, book talent, run the show and market the show so its financially successful an exploit the media rights and gain sponsorship for the event. building crowds, sell tickets and engage fans online with behind the scenes footage. 

For decades we have produced sold-out, live events ranging from boxing and mixed martial arts wrestling, to urban music concerts, physique competitions and cooking shows. 



Broadcast, Digital Programming,  Production & Distribution

Stonecutter Media, Ltd. is a pioneer in monetizing niche content programming worldwide.  Boldly creating original content that is direct and engaging with target audiences. For decades our content has resonated with audiences.  Today our viewers recognize we are a mainstay in niche entertainment and look to Stonecutter to deliver the shows and events that keep them engrosed, whether it is Stonecutter original programming or our clients content for financial gain.

Stonecutter Media, Ltd. delivers programming in diverse categories ranging from boxing, professional wrestling, mixed martial arts competitions, cooking & home shows, urban lifestyle events, music events, documentaries, uncensored content, major feature films, comedy & concerts.

Marketing & Operation Consultant

Stonecutter Event Promotions, Inc. offers clients a rich and successful history of marketing and operational consulting in programming, production, distribution, media, event management and event production.

Our accomplishments in the field tell you that we know that we are up to the challenge. From the initial courtesy consultation to the end line, Stonecutter and Steve Karel provide personalized "hands-on" operational expertise and attention.