For more than 30 years, led by Steve Karel, Stonecutter has helped clients crush the competition in media, entertainment, and live event production and distribution.  In a nutshell, The Stonecutter Group is three distinct businesses led by Steve Karel:

Stonecutter Media, Ltd. - Specializes in the creation and distribution of broadcast & digital programming for Stonecutter itself and its outside clients,
Stonecutter Event Promotions, Inc. - Produces & Manage original events for clients and Stonecutter itself, and
Stonecutter Productions - is your go-to for Marketing & Operational Consultation.

An authority in the art of crafting and delivering truly original content and media, Stonecutter and Steve Karel offer clients hands-on expertise with services in programming, production, distribution, marketing, and media consulting.  We get it, some folks just want vanilla production and we can facilitate that with turn-key precision.  But if you’re looking to capture the true fanatics of your target audience, Steve Karel and the Stonecutter group will cultivate, a passionate and extremely loyal customer base that deliver revenues for years to come.